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drops, pen, artemic RESCUE
When you want to try all products for best price. Set contains CBD Drops to start your day in balance, CBD Vape pen of your choice to help with your mood and ArtemiC RESCUE when you need to boost your immune system.
FOCUS – helps to concentrate on daily tasks and boost creative energy. FLAVOUR: lemon with woody undertones.
ELATE – promotes a serene and joyful feeling. FLAVOUR: coconut cream and pineapple.
BALANCE – brings harmony and maintains equilibrium between body and mind. FLAVOUR: mango with pine and citrus undertones.
CALM – gives an experience of calmness and tranquillity. FLAVOUR: fresh strawberry and bananas.
DREAM – brings a deeply relaxing, dreamy sensation and helps mellow down the mind. FLAVOUR: sweet blueberry.

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