Dream Vape Pod

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Pod prefilled with broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract and Blueberry Short cannabis strain terpenes.
MOOD: brings a deeply relaxing, dreamy sensation, and helps mellow down the mind.
FLAVOUR: sweet blueberry.

A-Pinene – has a tranquillising effect that increases the quality of sleep.
Linalool – helps to slow down the heart rate, known to promote sleep.
Myrcene– has relaxing capabilities that can ease physical discomfort.

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  • Pure hemp extract with 80% of cannabinoids in total.
  • CBD cannabidiol 320mg
  • CBC cannabichromene
  • CBG cannabigerol
  • Other minor cannabinoids
  • Cannabis-derived terpenes
  • Natural Flavours

Suggested use for battery and pods:
1. Insert the pod into the battery. The magnetic design ensures tight contact between the pod and battery.
2. Inhale from the mouthpiece for 2-3 seconds to initiate your session.
3. Exhale from the mouth. Repeat inhalation 3-6 times to achieve the desired effect.

Weight 47 g
Dimensions 3.8 cm


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